Boden – a location of opportunities

Boden Business Agency is a municipality owned company that helps privately held companies to establish or expand their business in Boden.

Our assignment varies over branches and industries;
One of our main tasks is to promote and develop Boden as a destination of energy intensive industry establishments.

One part of our offer is Boden Business Park, where different companies and educations gather under the same roof with the same goal – to bring technical and digital development into the next phase.

Boden municipality is putting a lot of effort into sustainable development of our society and environment and the sustainable perspective is always a highly prioritized subject in our work.

Boden Business Agency is driven by the knowledge that the county of Norrbotten's bright future with new energy intensive industries blooming together with new sustainable and renewable production and infrastructure within the energy eco system.

Boden is located in a strategically advantageous position with excellent communications and logistics. This makes Boden a perfect place for establishment for companies with requirements for logistics, renewables and skilled workforces. Boden Business Agency is therefore actively working to create the best possible conditions for interesting establishment.



Håkan Nordin

Business Developer
Real Estate & Infrastructure
Phone. +46 70 621 61 03

Nils Lindh

Business Developer
Energy Intensive Industries
Phone. +46 70 740 13 36